Dylan Dog: Dead of Night – Upcoming Horror Film Release

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night – Upcoming Horror Film Release

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night – Upcoming Horror Film Release

For many dragging months the movie version of Italian comic book Dylan Dog has languished in development and distribution purgatory. But now, it would seem, the private investigator with a preferred taste for supernatural ghouls and pretty much anything in a skirt is finally set for release.

The comic book serialization upon which Kevin Munroe’s new film is based is strangely set almost entirely in London, England. Strange in that Dylan Dog is an Italian creation, written by an Italian, illustrated by an Italian and published to a vast largely Italian fan base. Yet Dylan Dog lives and interacts within a world that is overtly British, although he still manages to somehow instill the proceeding with a decidedly European edge. This projects a weird contract but one that is fitting for a man who passes his days straddling the divide between two worlds, the one of the living and the one of the long since dead.

Dylan Dog Lands a New Case

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night switches continents basing Dylan (Brandon Routh – Superman Returns) in New York City. But this is short lived as the films premise sees him travel south to the stateside spiritual home of Goth and creepy stuff, New Orleans. The film sets up with a scene that could have easily been lifted from any one of the comic book versions multitude of story lines. A beautiful, and suitably mysterious woman, approaches the Dylan Dog (Psychic) Detective Agency with a story that is far from usual. She claims that her father has been brutally slaughtered by a mysterious (there are a lot of mysterious things in Dylan Dog lore) and obviously extremely deadly creature.


This crime along with the loss and pursuit of an ancient artifact provides forward momentum for Mr Dog and his loyal assistant as they seek to restore the all-powerful object to safety. The script allows for a trusty sidekick Marcus (Sam Huntington) but he takes a vastly different form than that of his pen and ink counterpart. In the comic his name is Groucho and he is surreally portrayed as a character who is in fact perpetually in character as a cigar chomping Groucho Marx impersonator. It will be interesting to see how his exclusion sits with die-hard fans, for many this really may be too much to soon. It appears though that Marcus, unlike Groucho has no idea that his boss is in the business of creature busting. So inventive element it may just be.

TMNT Director Kevin Munroe Takes the Helm

The upcoming feature length Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is directed and executive produced by Kevin Munroe. Perhaps best known for bringing live action back kicking turtles to the big screen (TMNT – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) he is a somewhat unlikely choice to helm such a intrinsically dark production. That is of course unless the original twisted and oft times sexually tinged tales of creeping terror are here toned down to a far more consumable lighter shade of grey.

Superman Dons Another Costume

Brandon Routh certainly looks the part as the tall dark haired, red shirted, denim wearing title character. It has been now five years since he donned the iconic red and blue in director Bryan Singer’s, Superman Returns. This was a film that should have soared launching its young lead into the big league. Instead it deflated shortly after lift-off, yet another victim of style over less than existent substance. Routh likewise ducked the radar, dodging the mainstream to appear in a string of smaller budget mostly independent productions. Coincidentally his Dylan Dog co-star Sam Huntington also starred along side him in Superman as Daily Planet junior reporter Jimmy Olsen.

Horror staples werewolves, vampires and of course zombies are all slated to make appearance in a film that may already be suffering an identity crisis. Will a ham fisted attempt a conveying PG-13 suitable diluted frights and humor become the order of the day? Or will this be a film that scraps back the surface and latches on to Dylan Dogs bitter and lonely world. Who wouldn’t, within these days of mediocrity, enjoy delivery of such a deliciously off kilter map of the human condition.