Dog Training Collar

Many dog owners use a dog training collar for obedience training. One particular collar is called a prong collar, called so because of a series of prongs linked together. Not only does this type of dog training collar teach your pal to walk on a loose leash, but you can also use it to correct other inappropriate behavior. Each time you tug on the leash, the collar mimics the nip that a mother dog might use to correct her pups.

Should you decide to use a prong collar while training your dog, it is important that you fit the collar correctly. There should only be approximately one half of a finger space between the prong tip and the dog’s skin on his neck. A loose fit will chafe the dog and prevent proper nips. One dog training tip with the prong collar is to keep the collar on your dog whenever you are interacting together. Otherwise, the dog will learn to be good only when the collar is on!

Restraint Dog Training Collar

Another popular dog training collar is sometimes known as the Gentle Leader. This collar fits around both the dog’s neck and nose, and is secured to a leash under the dog’s chin. When you walk with a dog wearing this collar, and the dog pulls against the leash, he is forced to turn his head back toward his walker. After a short time, the dog learns to walk on a loose leash.

Many consider the Gentle Leader training collar more humane than the prong collar because it does not use pain to correct behavior. However, this collar is only highly effective for preventing leash pulling, but is not useful for other dog behavior problems. No matter which training collar you use, always remember to praise the dog when he responds correctly to any method, which is a key factor in any obedience training.