Dog Crate Training

Dog Crate Training

Dog Crate TrainingDog crate training is one of the most effective ways to house train your dog or puppy. This method for house training puppies creates a routine that quickly teaches dogs where to eliminate. Crate training requires a big time commitment from owners in the beginning, as well as an abundance of praise. The more time you have to spend with your new pal, the faster and easier training will be.

How to Begin Dog Crate Training

When you first begin dog crate training, it is important that you have enough time to let the dog out every hour. What you are trying to do is give the dog several opportunities to eliminate outside while you are present. Each time you let the dog out of the crate, give it a few minutes to eliminate. If the dog does not have to relieve himself, then return him to the crate after the allotted time.

Each time the dog eliminates appropriately outside, offer him plenty of praise, treats, and affection. This is a great time to let the dog play and explore the house since you know his bladder and bowels are empty. After some play time, return the dog to his crate again and continue the pattern. One excellent dog training tip is to keep a diary of what time your dog eliminates. Put the dog on a regular feeding schedule and you should notice a fairly regular elimination schedule.

The reason why dog crate training works is because short-term confinement in a small space inhibits a dog from eliminating unless he can’t hold it any longer. For this reason, it is important that you do not leave the dog in the crate for extended periods of time until the dog is fully crate-trained and has excellent control. The dog will quickly learn that relieving himself outside makes you happy, and gives him an opportunity to play outside the crate.