CatDog Season One Part One DVD Review

CatDog Season One Part One DVD Review

CatDog Season One Part One DVD Review

Nickelodeon/Shout Factory’s CatDog Season One Part One DVD – created by Peter Hannan – is a fine cartoon, when taken in smaller doses. 3/5

The reviewer’s experience of a show is very different from the typical TV viewer’s: we digest a show crammed into a single serving while the viewer nibbles a single episode once a week.

Take CatDog, the cartoon Peter Hannan created for Nickelodeon. While the show was never a huge hit, it developed enough of a devoted audience for Nickelodeon to order 4 seasons (running from 1998 to 2004) plus a made-for-TV movie subtitled The Great Parent Mystery.


When each episode of the Season One Part One DVD is watched individually, it’s a fun show with a deliriously goofy concept. However, watching a whole slew of episodes back-to-back reveals how shallow the cartoon essentially is.

Nickelodeon, Shout Factory Presents CatDog Season One Part One DVD, Created by Peter Hannan

The show follows the adventures of a conjoined Cat (Winnie the Pooh‘s Jim Cummings) and Dog (Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc.’s Tom Kenny), who have very different personalities. Cat enjoys looking at sunsets while Dog’s idea of a fun time is chasing the garbage truck. Nevertheless, the series shows them learning how to live with one another while dealing with the devious mouse Winslow (Carlos Alazraqui), the cat-hating Greaser Dogs and the authoritarian Rancid Rabbit (Billy West).

Much like many classic cartoons, it’s all about the gag at the expense of plot or character development. That’s perfectly fine: there are a lot of fun sequences and the Abbot-and-Costello-style odd couple of cat and dog play off each other beautifully. It’s a kinder, gentler version of Ren and Stimpy in which the humour is less manic and there are some genuinely touching scenes when Cat and Dog learn how to appreciate each other’s differences.

However, some situations – such as Cat helping Dog get at the all-you-can-eat buffet at Taco Depot – run a little long, making the viewer wish they’d get to the payoff already.

CatDog Season One Part One DVD

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CatDog Season One Part One DVD Is Best In Smaller Doses

CatDog is not a great show. It’s a fine show, but not it wears its influences a little too much on its sleeves. The CatDog Season One Part One DVD is well worth checking out, but it’s best watched a single episode at a time, kinda like Halloween candy. It gets a 3/5.