Dog Flea Control

Dog flea control involves some of the products that can be used on other animals, but also some that are specifically formulated for canines. Most products can be used for all animals susceptible to fleas. Cythioate, known by the brand name Proban, is only registered for use on dogs.

It is an organophosphate that absorbs into the dog’s bloodstream and causes its blood to become toxic to fleas that feed on it. It is available in tablet or liquid suspension and must be re-administered over several weeks in order to break the life cycle of the fleas.


Dog Flea Control and Prevention

Another product used on dogs for flea control is fenthion, also known as Pro-Spot. It kills fleas on contact and also has a residual effect on future infestations. It should be used in conjunction with a flea control program involving spraying and dusting the dog’s environment.

Many products kills eggs and larvae on the dog and in carpets, furniture and bedding. Prevention of flea infestation is, of course, the ideal. One way that flea control for dogs can be achieved is through good sanitation. This means keeping lawns and weeds trimmed to discourage fleas from laying eggs. Seal the house against rodents and small animals that may carry fleas into the home. Vacuum frequently and keep pet bedding clean.

Your dog can be released from the irritation of fleas and the potentially dangerous consequences of being their host. Knowing what type of dog flea control will prevent them, as well as what products can successfully treat fleas, can make your dog and family more comfortable.