Wireless Dog Fence Overview

A wireless invisible fence will help to train dogs to stay in their yard with no physical boundaries. A safe and pain free system to use, many dog owners prefer to use it over other methods. After training the pet to use the invisible fence, they can roam in their boundaries and play carefree, without dealing with potential dangers associated with the outside. A wireless dog fence works in a similar way as the invisible fence with buried wires.

How it Works

The wireless dog fence works with a centrally placed transmitter. The transmitter sends out a radio signal that is picked up by a collar. When the dog starts to reach the signal limit, a beep will sound as warning. If the dog continues to go out farther, the dog will get a harmless static shock from the collar. This shock will remind the dog that he has gone outside the acceptable boundaries and to step back in. Adjust the settings to control the distance the pet can go and how strong a shock (if any) the dog receives.


How to Set Up the Fence

Place the transmitter inside away from large appliances or an utility box. Choose a location that gives the best radius for the yard. Put up the boundary flags around the yard to signal to the pet where the safe zone to run around is. Before leaving the dog alone with the invisible fence set up, the dog will need training.

Training the Dog

Use the fence as a method to aid in training. If there is no training instructions given to the dog, the wireless invisible fence will not work. Show the dog the boundaries and demonstrate to the pet how the system works. Many invisible fence kits come with a training video or guide to help dog owners get the best results using the training system. Training could take up to two weeks to complete. It is important to stay consistent and diligent throughout the process.

Advantages of a Wireless invisible Fence

  • Easy to set up.
  • No wires to maintenance.
  • Portable system, use anywhere the dog is.
  • Many features, such as a tone only correction mode.

Disadvantages of a Wireless Invisible Fence

  • The wireless system only broadcasts in a circle radius.
  • If there are other areas such as a garden that needs to be protected, the wireless system cannot be placed around it like a buried wire system.
  • Most wireless systems have a weight requirement of 8 pounds and up.
  • Battery will need to be replaced in the collar about every 3 months.